• Overheard 2 – 竊聽風雲2[2011]

    Overheard 2 – 竊聽風雲2[2011]

    Overview: Manson Law (Lau Ching-Wan), a celebrated stockbroker in Hong Kong is injured in a car accident. The police, led by Inspector Jack Ho (Louis Koo), discovers a military surveillance device in the car wreck. Meanwhile, the wiretapper Joe (Daniel Wu) is unveiling his extensive plan that targets the mysterious financial conglomerate, the Landlord Club. The fate of these three men soon intertwines in the cat-and-mouse game that may bring down the entire stock market

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  • Red Cliff II – 赤壁: 決戰天下[2009]

    Red Cliff II – 赤壁: 決戰天下[2009]

    Overview: Bitter over an unforeseen defeat to rival states Shu and Wu, Cao Cao (Fengyi Zhang) of the Wei Kingdom is confident that his million-man fleet will crush the under-manned alliance once and for all.

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  • Red Cliff  – 赤壁 [2008]

    Red Cliff – 赤壁 [2008]

    Overview: In the summer of 208, towards the end of the Eastern Han dynasty, the Chancellor, Cao Cao, leads the imperial army on a campaign to eliminate the southern warlords Sun Quan and Liu Bei, whom he denounces as “rebels”. Emperor Xian reluctantly approves the campaign. Cao Cao’s mighty army swiftly conquers Jing Province.

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  • Kung Fu Dunk  – 功夫灌篮 [2008]

    Kung Fu Dunk – 功夫灌篮 [2008]

    Overview: The film revolves around an orphaned boy called Fang Shi Jie (Jay Chou), who grew up in a kung fu school and becomes a talentedbasketball player.

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  • SDU: Sex Duties Unit  – 飛虎出征 [2013]( Not suitable for Children -Parent Guidance is needed)

    SDU: Sex Duties Unit – 飛虎出征 [2013]( Not suitable for Children -Parent Guidance is needed)

    Overview: The Special Duties Unit (SDU) is an elite paramilitary tactical unit of the Hong Kong Police Force and is considered one of the world’s finest in its role. But being the best carries its own burdens. Like everyone else, they go through troubles with love, with family and with their jobs. And sometimes they get horny.

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  • The Second Coming  – 重生 [2014]

    The Second Coming – 重生 [2014]

    Overview: 故事讲述由邵美琪、黄德斌、李逸朗及梁祖仪饰演的一家四口,由于女儿(梁祖仪饰演)从14岁生日的前夕开始,行为日加怪异,灵异事件也接连出现而使他们惊恐失措。而原来,这一连串的怪异事件正一步一步揭开一个不为人知的事实

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  • Love in the Buff  – 春嬌與志明 [2012]

    Love in the Buff – 春嬌與志明 [2012]

    Overview: Five months after the events in Love in a Puff, Jimmy and Cherie face more difficulties in their romantic relationship as they split up and both individually end up in Beijing as they follow their jobs to China’s capital city, and both begin new relationships there. But despite their best efforts they can’t seem to keep away from each other.

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  • Hungry Ghost Ritual  – 盂蘭神功 [2014]

    Hungry Ghost Ritual – 盂蘭神功 [2014]

      Overview: 农历七月为中国的盂兰鬼节,传说在这个月份,阴间中门大开,游魂野鬼会到阳间“游玩”,为了令“它们”无暇四处寻找替身,戏班会在农历的七月十五至十七,在空地上搭起竹棚戏台上演神功戏,娱乐四方鬼神。

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  • 7 Assassins  – 光辉岁月 [2013]

    7 Assassins – 光辉岁月 [2013]

      Overview: 屡仆屡起的“同盟会”革命党在广州攻打两广总督衙门,史称“黄花岗起义”,血战一昼夜后虽告失败,但已撼动整个大清王朝,故事由此开始。

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  • Detective Dee:Mystery Of The Phantom Flame – 狄仁杰之通天帝國

    Detective Dee:Mystery Of The Phantom Flame – 狄仁杰之通天帝國

    Overview: In year 689 of the Tang Dynasty, Wu Zetian (Carina Lau) is about to be crowned the first Empress in China despite opposition from Tang officials. To mark this occasion, she has a colossal Buddha figure built overlooking her palace. However an official inspecting the Buddha’s progress mysteriously erupts into flames. Penal officer Pei Donglai (Deng Chao), and his superior investigate and interrogates the supervising builder, a man named Shatuo, who was formerly imprisoned after he took part in a rebellion 8 […]

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  • The Midnight After  – 那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角开往大埔的红VAN [2014]

    The Midnight After – 那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角开往大埔的红VAN [2014]

    Overview: 改編自同名暢銷小說,《那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅VAN》是一個以懸疑驚慄手法包裝,透過一台通宵小巴與十七位乘客的經歷,來刻劃現代香港社會的故事,探討末世環境下的人性愛情、因果宿命、核能環保等問題。

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  • Z Storm  – Z風暴 [2014]

    Z Storm – Z風暴 [2014]

    Overview: 《Z风暴》将以廉政公署打击贪污为主题,讲述由古天乐领衔的廉政公署调查员,包括欧锦棠、曾国祥、张松枝、盛君和田学维,携手将罪犯绳之以法。而林家栋带领的警方团队亦正亦邪,与属下姜皓文等,周旋于古天乐与罪犯之间。

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